Through a complete offering of decoration and worksite management services, Mahnaz takes care to respect each place and to listen to and accompany clients throughout the project. Having a real exchange with her clients is what interests Mahnaz, and she takes the time to get to know her clients in order to create a harmonious space that corresponds with their tastes and needs.

Mahnaz has a wide-ranging expertise in interior decorating:

Interiors (apartments, offices, etc.): Completely design the layout of living spaces and furnishings, opening up spaces with lighting and decoration, etc.
Interior and exterior decorating: finding and restoring old furniture, creating custom and handmade objects, etc.
Specialized in decorating children’s rooms: Mahnaz showcases children’s rooms by undertaking a journey through fairy tales. Her ambition is to support the child’s dream all the while respecting the parents’ wishes and the functionality of the space.
Scenography: Theatrical layouts, boutique windows, etc.
Customized and handmade creation of objects, curtains and upholstery
Handmade architectural models

Mahnaz also has a vast network of artisans with whom she collaborates to create and restore objects.

To contact Mahnaz and discuss your projects, please use the contact form here.



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