Who is Mahnaz ?

Mahnaz was born along the Silk Route. Arriving in France more than 25 years ago, she trained for several years at Negocia – L’École Grégoire-Ferrandi before becoming a scenographer and interior decorator. She has worked with many companies including Habitat, Canal+.

Rich with her Franco-Persian culture and refined eye, Mahnaz brings creativity and a profound knowledge of custom craftsmanship to her clients. She works with a large network of providers to create beautiful objects.
Everything is about balance: daring to use strong and unexpected colors, mixing raw materials with sophisticated pieces, balancing warm and cold materials. A perfectionist down to the smallest details and a predilection for high-quality objects, Mahnaz creates original and inviting spaces that reflect the styles and needs of each client.

Mahnaz dares to mix audacious styles and to weave the art and rigor of the modern world with the flamboyant richness of the past. She finds and restores antiques for her clients (chandeliers, cornices, radiators, etc.) and places them along more contemporary objects and architectural elements. Always with a poetic touch.

You can see some of Mahnaz’s projects on this site, and contact her to get started on your project by using the form here.



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